We proudly present the authentic garnet stone among its“original landscape“ here, in the city of Radenthein.

Just as the noble stone formed over millions of years in the rock, the crystal clear Kaningbach brook also made its way through the stones over years beyond count.

The Granatium rest area can be reachedover a wooden bridgefrom the main building and from the digging area. It leads to a resting place with a drinking water spring and farther to a rope bridge to the so-called “blue tarn” (Blauer Tumpf)with its twin waterfalls.

For treasure hunters: 2 caches are hidden in the gorge, for further information please visit the following site: www.geocaching.com!Climbing the fixed rope route is recommended solely for experienced persons that use suitable equipment. It is not appropriate for children and is at your own risk.