In the garnet city of Radenthein, garnet veins several metres long can be found only a few steps from the centre of town. For many years, garnet gemstones were mined here and shipped to Bohemian jewel cutters, who turned the stones into seductively sparkling Bohemian Garnets. The garnet exhibition known as the ‘Granatium’ opened in 2008. It invites you to discover the fascinating world of  the “gemstone of love and passion”.

For the visit you should have time for approximately two hours or even more …

Our adventure experience has 4 parts:

  1. The ground floor of the buildinghosting the Granatium holds both the entrance and exit.Furthermore, the reception, the Granatium shop and the cutting shop can be found here. On the first floor, you can follow the story of garnets through our exhibition. Our garnet room is truly unique. On entering the room, you will immediately feel the power of this stone of love and passion.
  2. Garnet gallery: Continue your journey into the arcane and mysteriously illuminated garnet gallery.
  3. Garnet digging zone: On leaving the mountain, a very special atmosphere awaits you: rocks, woods and a rushing mountain brook surround our digging zone. Dig your own garnet gemstones and treat them. Our staff is eager to help you. Tools are available on-site.
  4. Had enough of digging and polishing? Our nature site is freely accessible and offers you a drinking water spring, a wooden bridge and a rope bridge to the so-called “blue tarn” (BlauerTumpf)- the beginning of the garnet gorge with some restorativeresting places. Time to sit back and feel. By the way: a geocache is hidden in the garnet gorge. Only experienced persons should climb the fixed rope route. It is not appropriate for children. Gloves are recommended.